Email Marketing

Add a push strategy to your marketing plan for high visibility!

If the in-person ISC22 must be canceled, all email products will still deliver for the virtual event. For advertising specific to a booth or program, advertisers are encouraged to prepare secondary general branding materials in case the meeting converts to virtual only.

The words “Paid Advertisement” will be centered above each digital ad in at least 10-point Helvetica (or similar type font).
All rates are net. No agency discounts apply. Cancellations are nonrefundable.
All quantities are based on projected attendance.

Icon Key
Traffic-building product
Reach Professional Members Reach all meeting attendees
Reach All members Reach all in-person attendees only
Reach all AHA/ASA members
Push Push Product
Personal Delivery Personal delivery
Lead Gen Lead-generating product
Frequency Product has frequency
Branding Branding product