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Reach: 220,000+ AHA/ASA members and stroke and cerebrovascular professional links in the ISC ePreviewsISC Daily Highlights and eHighlights.

Content: As ISC22 email publications are read, each click on an article brings the reader to an article page on the Conference Coverage Website. Your 300 x 250 ad will be placed at the top of the page on these articles. Limited exclusively to four advertisers.

Space reservation deadline: Dec. 18, 2021
Materials due: Jan. 5, 2022

Limit four.

Deadlines are ongoing. Dates above are noted for maximum exposure.
The words “Paid Advertisement” will be centered above each digital ad (and advertorial content) in at least 10-point Helvetica (or similar type font).
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Traffic-building product
Reach Professional Members Reach all meeting attendees
Reach All members Reach all in-person attendees only
Reach all AHA/ASA members
Push Push Product
Personal Delivery Personal delivery
Lead Gen Lead-generating product
Frequency Product has frequency
Branding Branding product